Friday, April 26, 2013

What is Building Global Bridges?

The Global Bridges Project is a community engaged research project directed by Dr. Mosavel, of VCU’s Graduate School of Social and Behavioral Health, School of Medicine. This summer, from July 20-Aug 18, Dr. Mosavel will lead a small team of students (6) to Durban, South Africa to conduct community engaged research in the Kenneth Gardens public housing community in Durban.

The group will teach Photo Voice as a documentary tactic to 15 youth of Kenneth Gardens and use the photographs, as well as additional research, as data to answer a set of predesigned research questions. The youth will be asked to take pictures about the assets and barriers in their environment particularly as it relates to health outcomes. Youth will also conduct structured conversations with elders in their community to learn more about the history and strengths of Kenneth Gardens. 

The goal is for this intergenerational dialogue to facilitate increased understanding between elders and youth. In addition, key informant interviews will be conducted from those who have used services provided by the homeopathic clinic located on the grounds of Kenneth Gardens. 

VCU students will also be expected to maintain a reflective journal. This blog will serve as a place where students will share information about their international community engaged research experience.

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