Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another beautiful day in South Africa

Today was yet another beautiful day in Durban!  The weather was absolutely perfect.  Much like spring in Virginia, the temperature typically ranges from a bit cool in the early morning and evenings (~45 degrees Fahrenheit) to a sunny and comfortable high in the 70’s in the afternoon.

So, I was very pleased to be able to work outdoors today, conducting interviews on the tree line of a small grove in Kenneth Gardens.  Our first day of key informant interviews went remarkably well.  We did not experience resistance to the process of written informed consent, which some suspected might be a problem.  My UKZN partner, Thula, and I completed the most interviews in the group.  Four!  …but who’s counting?  I also must admit that Thula did two of the interviews in Zulu, without much help from me!  It was really interesting to learn more about the residents of Kenneth Gardens, their experiences with healthcare and health service needs.  The information gained from our interviews with clinic users should be very useful in evaluating the clinic performance and in guiding the implementation of new services.

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