Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dr. Noor Nieftagodien

Dr. Noor got us really thinking in a much deeper way about collecting data using oral histories.  A few key lessons I learned from his thought provoking presentation:  "memory is a big conundrum of oral histories" "People sometimes insert personal memories into collective memories. Personal memories  can often be overshadowed and consumed by collective memories" "oral histories are not just data collected through interviews but there are other ways in which oral histories are presented including poetry and songs" "The way we approach space is important." "Just as important to recognize and assess what is not being said as what is being said." "There is always meaning or a story behind the silences. For example,silences are sometimes induced by trauma." "Be cautious about the transcription and translation--things get lost in translation." "Remember when you transcribe and analyze the data for publishing it becomes your voice." "Power is not just held by researchers this is an erroneous assumption." Dr. Noor (and Kira) recommends reading Native Nostalgia by Jacob Dlamini

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