Tuesday, July 30, 2013


We just completed our second day of data collection in Kenneth Gardens.  We have been working on the PhotoVoice project, which provides individuals with a “voice” to document their surroundings and experiences and reflect on them in a thoughtful way.  Yesterday, the VCU and UKZN students took pictures.  Since none of us reside in Kenneth Gardens, I thought it might be difficult to take meaningful pictures.  However, we were asked to think about the different perspectives of an insider, outsider and the space in between, and after a short walk around and a few practice pictures, I really feel like I got the hang of it.  I am pleased with the photos I took. 

The “resident experts” the Brettonwood learners were asked to take pictures of the people, places and things in Kenneth Gardens that are important to them.  They quickly took to the project and have surprised us with their creativity.  This is shaping up to be a really awesome project and I already look forward to seeing the finished product! 

Tomorrow we will begin our first day of key informant interviews with the community elders and clinic users.  I’m a little anxious but mostly excited about beginning this next phase of our research.

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