Monday, July 29, 2013

New Week New Adventure

Our first weekend provided a much needed respite following the whirlwind of orientation and training activities of Week 1.  Most of us took some time to rest, unpack, and prepare for the week ahead.  A fortunate few of us were able to take Doung’s (pictured below) city walking tour.  It was unlike any of my experiences with city tours and exceeded all my expectations.  He offered a truly unique perspective on the life and culture of South Africa and on the larger context of human nature.  Doung was particularly interested in noting the “spaces in between” where nature and marginalized people often appear.  He also emphasized the difference between looking and seeing – which depends on the filters you use to analyze the information.  We asked if he would be willing to speak with the Brettonwood learners, so they could have this information while conducting the PhotoVoice project.  I hope he is able to come, as I know we would all benefit from hearing more of his philosophy.

I am looking forward to continuing this adventure this week – to begin collecting data with our global partners and utilizing my old and newly acquired research skills!

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