Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What do Global Bridges Scholars do for fun, you ask?

One of my absolute favorite things about this group is that, no matter what, we always find time to have a little fun. Below are a few photos that document some of our downtime in between our official duties as "Global Bridges Student Scholars"!

During one of our breaks from conducting interviews in Kenneth Gardens, Thula, Nomonde, Carrie, Sihle, and Chiedza decided to have a little fun. Can you read between the lines? 
(Hint: they may or may not be posing as a "B", "G", B" "exclamation point"...get it? eh, eh?)

Zoe, Carrie, and Nomonde taking a quick lunch break and soaking up a little sun on a bench outside the CCRI building before heading back to work 

Zoe enjoying a break from her photographer duties by playing with one of the children in Kenneth Gardens

Me trying to show Nomonde some love! (perhaps a bit too much? haha)

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