Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blossoms at Brettonwood

As expected, the Brettonwood learners did not disappoint at their PhotoVoice presentation yesterday.  They did a GREAT job!  In fact, my words cannot do justice in expressing the awe and pride I feel with their accomplishment.  This performance was led by the same group that we heard iterations of again and again to lower our expectations… from their teachers, principals and various community members.  I only wish more of these people and more of their parents were in attendance to witness the same glimpse of their potential that we were privileged to see.  As outsiders, we were free to form our own opinions about the learners and we chose to believe in them.  Day after day they revealed themselves and proved worthy of our respect and praise.  They rose to the opportunity and blossomed in front of our eyes.

I was particularly impressed with the transformation of one of my mentees.  He was certainly not one of the main “talkers” of the group, but he volunteered to speak during the presentation.  I was moved by his audacity and willingness to participate.  Although he struggled a bit in the beginning with his nerves, he persevered… and eventually provided a great oration.  

My Father wrote the following quote in my high school graduation card, and I think it applies to my mentee, as well as to the other Brettonwood Learners:

“Success is to be measured not by the number of accomplishments, but by the number of obstacles one has overcome while working towards their accomplishments.”
--Booker T. Washington

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