Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hope, Resilience and Positivity

The people of Kenneth Gardens embody a great deal of hope, resilience and positivity.  The adults I’ve interviewed generally view their community positively and as changing for the better.  In the PhotoVoice project, my Brettonwood mentees almost exclusively took pictures with positive themes.  Their images depict Kenneth Gardens as a clean, beautiful and healthy place.  I doubt that many outsiders would view Kenneth Gardens similarly as these resident insiders.  I am fascinated by their hopefulness and resilience, despite the challenges and struggles they face.  The theme of hope and resilience was also apparent in the pictures taken by the VCU and UKZN students.  I find it truly encouraging when people can look at the positives of a given situation.  Looking on “the bright side” can help overcome many of the challenges of everyday life.  I aspire to be as resilient and positive as the people of Kenneth Gardens.

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