Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Great Expectations

We have been busy this week preparing for two presentations, the culmination of the Building Global Bridges program.  Tomorrow morning, we will present our accomplishments at our partner university, UKZN.  We hope to impress upon our guests the importance of service learning global exchange programs - both in terms of student development and achievement, as well as university notoriety.  I would love to see this program become an annual event, with VCU and UKZN alternating the visitor and host roles!  The second presentation takes place tomorrow evening at Brettonwood High School.  The learners will present to their teachers, parents and community members a summary of their participation in the PhotoVoice project.  With our support, the learners will conduct the entire exhibition themselves.  This may be the first time that some of them have an opportunity to speak to a large audience and showcase their work.  I am so proud of their achievements and really looking forward to seeing their performance.  They have exceeding expectations from day one, and I know they will not disappoint!        

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