Saturday, August 10, 2013

When I look at the images we took as a team in the project I feel pain, I can sense that when the VCU student live the country there will always be a space in my heart that would never be occupied and filled by anyone else except my project teammate. This project has been successful because every plan utilised, is the one that we developed as a team. Warmest thanks for all of your hard work and outstanding contributions as a member of the project. I know how much time and energy this assignment demanded, and I deeply appreciate all of your efforts to make it a great success.   I am filled will gratitude to acknowledge and appreciate the way in which the project team as whole gave me support and help to bring back my confident and built my self-esteem. The way the VCU-UKZN student gave me support from the bottom of my heart I thank you. The way we, VCU-UKZN student interacted with the Brettonwood student demonstrate how willing and enthusiasm we are towards the success of the research project. I am honoured, delighted and pleased with the Brettonwood student the way they think, talk and act is amazing and I  am confident that these student are the agent of change, catalyst of development most importantly  they are the voice of the voiceless within their respective community. Furthermore, the collaboration and support we get from the staff, team and our partners encourage us to do well, to stand for grounds and say we can do it and together we can do more.

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